Tutorial Videos

Videos for Surpass Central

Getting Started Walk-Throughs

  • Reserves
    Learn how to process items reserved by your patrons.
  • Overdues
    Discover helpful aids for keeping track of overdue items.
  • Circulation and Fines
    Learn more about performing circulation and handling fines.

Database Maintenance

How To

Videos for Safari

Getting Started Walk-Throughs

  • Using Safari
    See a typical patron usage scenario in the Safari catalog
  • Safari Administration
    Find out more about typical, day-to-day administrative functions in Safari.

Safari Features

  • Safari 6 Preview
    Danny Humphress, President of Support and Development, presents this in-depth preview of Safari 6.
  • Search Results
    Discover the new features in Safari 6's comprehensive new search results pages.
  • More Search Options
    Learn how to use the powerful advanced searching features in Safari 6.
  • Item Details
    Learn more about viewing the details of an individual record in Safari 6.
  • Bookbags
    Find out how useful bookbags and saved lists can be to you and your patrons.

Customizing Safari's Home Page

  • What is a Widget?
    Safari 6's home page can be fully customized with "widgets". But what exactly is a widget?
  • Editing Safari's Home Page
    Now that you know a little about widgets, find out how to use them to customize Safari 6's home page.
  • Adding Widgets
    Learn how to add any of the 10 different types of widgets to your home page.
  • Editing Widgets
    Learn how to custom tailor the widgets on your home page to suit your library's needs.
  • Move or Delete Widgets
    Perform additional operations with your widgets so you can make everything look just right.

Customizing Safari's Appearance

  • Themes
    Learn how to change Safari's overall appearance by using professionally designed themes.
  • Logos
    Show pride in your library, school, or organization by adding your own custom logo graphic!

Using Reviews

  • Write a Review
    Discover how easy it is for you and your patrons to write and submit reviews of the materials in your collection.
  • Publish Reviews
    Learn how to take submitted reviews and make them publicly available.

Additional Administrative Functions in Safari

How To

  • Integration with Baker & Taylor's Axis 360
    This video shows how Surpass Library Automation system integrates with Baker & Taylor's Axis 360 platform to provide seamless e-book access for patrons.
  • Integration with OverDrive
    Demonstration of integration between Surpass Library Automation system and Overdrive for easy e-book access by library patrons.

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