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New Fresh and Clean Look in Circulation

The circulation desk can be a busy place with plenty of distractions and opportunities to lose track of what you're doing. We have refreshed Surpass Central's Circulation Transactions screen to lessen the noise and help keep things on track. The processes are all exactly the same, but there is less visual clutter and more contextual visual cues.

Check Out
  • Less clutter - controls and labels are hidden when they are not relevant to the current step
  • More visual cues - large text appears in watermark behind the page to help remind you which function you're on , such as "CHECK IN" or "CHECK OUT"
  • Better use of color - the background colors for check-out and check-in are now obviously different and each vertical page section header, such as "On Loan to Patron," has its own distinct color
Check In

Available now in Surpass 7.40 on Surpass Hosting Service clients will be updated to Surpass 7.40 on the weekend of May 9.

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