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Minor Update Available: Surpass 6.40c

A minor update to your Surpass Software, Version 6.40c, is now available from

This update corrects a few bugs in Surpass Central and adds one minor enhancement to Safari. If you are not affected by these issues, you may want to skip this update and wait for a more full-featured release.

The bug fixes in Central are:

  • Paper margin settings not working on spine, RPS and Lexile labels
  • Text prints on "skipped" RPS and Lexile labels
  • Local address not shown on Fines ledger printed from Patrons Add/Edit
  • Cannot link to Safari Web Edition from home page if Safari is on secure server (https)

The minor enhancement to Safari is that long review text shown on the Reviews List widget on the home page are no longer truncated in the middle of a word and now show an ellipsis link to the full text when truncated. You may have to refresh your Home Page by editing and saving the list widget as an administrator user to see this immediately.

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