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A Surpass Cloud is on the horizon! There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the new Surpass Cloud... and a lot of questions! We are using this space to answer some of those questions, including the two big ones: when and how much. If we didn't get to your question on this list, please let us know and we'll add it. Thanks!

What is Surpass Cloud?

Surpass Cloud is everything you love about Surpass re-imagined and relocated to the cloud. It is accessible everywhere using any device with a modern web browser. There is no software to install or update and no servers to install or maintain.

How is Surpass Cloud different from Surpass Hosting Service?

Both solutions host your Surpass database, relieving you and your IT staff from having to maintain a local server and network. Surpass Hosting Service runs existing Surpass Windows you purchase, is limited to Windows and Macs, and requires the installation of a small app on each machine. Surpass Cloud is a completely web-based library management system that can be accessed from any modern web browser anywhere. Surpass Cloud requires no software purchase or installation.

Are Surpass Central, Safari, and the other Windows apps going away?

No. The existing Surpass Windows applications will continue to be sold, supported, and enhanced with new features. Surpass Cloud offers an additional option for those who prefer a cloud-based system with leading edge features.

How difficult is it to move from my current Surpass system to

Surpass Cloud?

It's exceedingly simple! Because it is built with Surpass users in mind, transition to Surpass Cloud is seamless and is handled by Surpass Support. We migrate your cataloged resources, patron records, circulation history, circulation rules, and other settings. It usually takes less than a day.

What are the requirements?

Very few! Surpass Cloud is a web application. If you have a device with a web browser, you can almost certainly use it for Surpass Cloud! This includes Windows, Macs, iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, and even smart phones!

Where can I see it?

There is a lot information about Surpass Cloud on the Surpass Community Forum. If you would like a private tour, just get in touch with us. We can also give you access to some of the Surpass Cloud databases we use for testing so you can poke around on your own.

What does it cost?

For most libraries, the cost of Surpass Cloud is a little more than what you would pay for Surpass Support alone and less than what you would be paying for Hosting Service with Support. There are different annual plans to suit different types of libraries. Most school libraries would use the "Large Library" plan, which is $900. If you're currently using Surpass CL (congregational library), your annual cost would be $500. Users of Surpass SL (small library) would probably opt for the Small Library plan at $700. These prices include support, so when calculating your annual expenses, you can subtract what you now pay for Surpass Support.

Can I get a credit for what I have already paid for support?

Yes! You can apply the prorated remainder of your Surpass Support subscription toward your new Surpass Cloud subscription. For example, if your annual Surpass Support is $500 and you have 6 months remaining, we would apply $250 toward your Surpass Cloud subscription. You can keep the same renewal date if you like.

What about my Safari Selections and/or RPS subscriptions?

Your Safari Selections (now called Enhanced Content) and Reading Program Service subscriptions work with Surpass Cloud and are carried forward.

When can I get it?

Surpass Cloud will be available to a select number of Surpass users in January 2020 during a "soft opening" period while we put on the finishing touches and, of course, work out any last-minute bugs. It should be widely available shortly after that. For schools, we suggest considering testing Surpass Cloud side-by-side with your existing Surpass system in the winter or early spring and plan for deployment over spring or summer break.

How difficult is it to learn?

As a Surpass user, you'll feel right at home. While Surpass Cloud is completely new, we have gone to great lengths to make it feel familiar to people moving from older Surpass systems. You'll find a familiar menu layout and familiar concepts such as circulation categories and rules. In many areas, you'll find its even easier to use than Surpass Central.

What about Safari?

Surpass Cloud includes Surpass Cloud OPAC, which is the beautiful new public catalog your patrons will love.

Can I still use Copycat?

Surpass Cloud integrates all of the major features from Surpass Copycat and makes it even easier to perform copy cataloging. Just as in Copycat, you can select multiple cataloging sources, search by ISBN, and search by title/author. Surpass Cloud allows you to preview the results to find cataloging you like best.

Can I continue to use Self-Check?

Yes, but it's even better! All Surpass Cloud subscriptions (except the entry-level "Basic" plan), include Surpass Cloud Self-Check. Surpass Cloud Self-Check allows your patrons to check out, check in, and renew without library staff intervention. The new Self-Check has beautiful new graphics and guides your patrons through the process step-by-step.

Can I still use Surpass Shuttle for inventory?

You don't need to. Surpass Cloud includes all of the major features from Surpass Shuttle, including uploading from portable barcode readers and changing the status of missing items to lost. And, because it runs on tablets and other lightweight devices, you can even take Surpass Cloud to your stacks and inventory with a portable Bluetooth scanner.

Is Surpass Serials supported?

Surpass Cloud does not currently include features for serials subscription management, but you can continue to use Surpass Serials stand-alone for this.

What is not in Surpass Cloud that I have now?

There are a few features that are planned for Surpass Cloud but won't be available in the initial release. These include intralibrary loans, RFID support, and SIP2 server. If you use these features are are interested in moving to Surpass Cloud, please get in touch and we'll accelerate development on these features and let you know when they're ready.

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